She's Dating the Gangster
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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who’s the author?

Answer: It’s Ate Bianca Bernardino, or, SGwannabe. (SGWannaB in Wattpad)

2) How can I contact her?

Answer: Through her fan page and/or Twitter account.

https://www.facebook.com/SGwannaB |  https://twitter.com/BianxB

3) Who’s the portrayer of Kenji?

Answer: Sul Woo Suk.

4) Lucas?

Answer: Lee Sang Eun/Lee Ji Hoo.

5) Athena Dizon? Is she an actress?

Answer: Her name is Athena.  She is not an actress but she can be considered as a commercial model. Not the Georgina Wilson or Solen Heussaff type. Yes, she does have one now… again. Don’t bother adding her ‘coz even if you beg or PM her about adding you as a friend, she won’t. She won’t even bother looking at your profile or read your messages.She has Twitter but same goes with FB, she won’t accept you just like that.  Trust me, I know all of it.

6) What happened to her posted pictures?

Answer: I removed it. She doesn’t want people to post her pictures. Personal things doesn’t need to be posted specially if you are not allowed to. Well, you can see the old ones that has been posted but other than that, stop digging.

7) Is there a video of SDTG? May movie po ba ang SDTG?

Answer: Yes. There will be a movie of SDTG and it will be under Star Cinema. Filming starts on March.

8) Is the story real?

Answer: I won’t say that it IS… but some of it was based from my/friends’ experiences. My friends can justify to that. But then you don’t go asking people “Is this/that story true?” …why? Is Harry Potter and Twilight true stories? Did you ever ask Nicholas Sparks if his stories are true? No diba?

10) Are the people in pictures real?

Answer: Real people, yes. If you’re going to ask if the story happened to them then… NO. Pictures were only used for imaginary purposes. IT BASICALLY MEANS THAT ATHENA, KENJI, LUCAS AND THE OTHERS WERE “UNREAL” NOT “REAL”.

11) Where can I get a copy of SGwannabe’s stories?

Answer: Distributing copies of her stories is now prohibited. If ever you don’t listen to what I’ve said, we — Ate Bianca and I — are not liable to any damages that it can cause you. 

12) What are her other stories?

Answer: Lie About Us, My Girl and I 1 & 2, She’s Dating the Gangster, Too

13) Is Athena Dizon already dead?

Answer: In real life, heck no, the pictures are only for imaginary purposes, so she didn’t really die.

14) Is Ate Bianca the one who handles this?

Answer: NO. But she already knew about this one. I told her before I created an account. I’m Lynne.

15) Is Sul Woo Suk/Lee Sang Eun an actor?

Answer: No. But they’re both an ULLZANG and models. 

16) Where do they live?

Answer: Korea.

17) Did you make the theme?

Answer: NO. I edited the codes of a certain theme.

18) What’s your base theme?

Answer: Bittersweet by Manatopia.

19) What are the names of the other characters(Kirby, Jigs, Sara, Grace, Abi) of the story?

Answer: About the other characters, no one knows their real names, except Ate Bianca. But as of what I’ve read, Sara’s portrayer is called “Vann”.

20) Is there a part 2 of this story?

Answer: There’s another story, SHE’S DATING THE GANGSTER, TOO is the title, but they aren’t the characters anymore. So, I guess, that’s a no(?). *not sure though*

21) What songs are listed in the story?

Answer: I lost the list. But I think it’s included in the book version… Not sure. 

22) What does PMS mean?

Answer: Pre-menstrual Syndrome

23) Do the portrayer of Kenji and Athena have relationship in real life?Si Kenji and Athena po ba totoong buhay?

Answer: NO. Like what I’ve said, Kenji’s portrayer lives in Korea, while Athena’s is a Filipina and basically, they don’t know each other. 

24) What is Athena’s disease?

ANSWER: HCM = Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

25) What does BF mean? Where is it?

ANSWER: BF = Banco Filipino. It’s in Paranaque.

26) Are the characters real? Because I saw that they have Facebook and Twitter.

ANSWER: This is what I hate about the people trying to be them. No, the characters are not real. There are people claiming that they are the real person, but still uses the picture of the characters. OMG seriously? Are they that jejemon in the story?! To you posers: This is why I keep on telling you to stop running your accounts and delete it. Stop using them to gain attention from people. It’s misleading.

Other questions that are not listed in here will then be entertained.